ONLY SEADEK.  We only use SeaDek product, the leader in the industry.  Dozens of OEMs are now equipping their boats with SeaDek from the factory.  We provide a custom solution for ALL boats.  

CERTIFIED.  We are trained at the SeaDek factory to provide an OEM-quality installation.  Years of worry-free enjoyment are the result of a professional install and the 3-year Factory Warranty is upheld by us.

Custom colors.  Custom designs.  Custom applications.  Custom installs.  

Underfoot Marine Products is  dedicated to being the #1 provider of custom SeaDek, the leading supplier of marine traction pads.  Design, sales, and installation of custom SeaDek is our sole business.  We believe in the product that we represent and we want to bring you, the end-user, into that relationship.  Whether standing at the helm of your new center console, crawling around with your grandchildren on the deck of your pontoon, or posted-up fireside on your cooler at the campsite you can instantly enjoy the fatique-reducing benefits of a SeaDek pad.  The possibilities are endless and we're always looking to find a new application for this amazing product.




Company Profile


NO MORE TEMPLATES.  We digitally scan your boat for spot-on accuracy.  In-house CAD Design ensures optimal fit and finish.

Underfoot Marine Products, LLC.


Founded: 2014

Certifications: SeaDek Authorized Dealer

and Installer


Areas of expertise:  Marine, Home, Automotive